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Course description

The objective of this three week course is to provide students with the necessary knowledge needed for the development of an efficient irrigation water management system. The course will be given by experts from the Superior Technical School of Agricultural Engineering, which is internationally recognized within the field.

The course, comprised of six interconnected modules, will include theoretical aspects combined with different practical activities such as developing skills in aerial photography.

Academic program

Module 1: Design and Management of Sprinkling Irrigation Systems

Module 2: Very High Resolution Remote Sensing by Means of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Module 3: Efficient Use of Energy in Irrigation

Module 4: Efficient Water Management in Irrigation

Module 5: Design and Use of Localized Irrigation Systems

Module 6: Tools for the Management of Efficient Irrigation

Cultural program

Apart from the theoretical contents of the Academic Program, the course concludes with a series of cultural tours around Toledo, which was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Additionally, students will visit areas which were talked about in the Academic Course, and take a tour of a winery in order to learn about the wine making process, one of the most typical products of Castilla-La Mancha and one which has had an increasingly strong international presence.