The Quality of Agricultural Products

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Course description

This almost entirely practical three week course is divided into four modules. The objective is that in the first three modules, students will learn about the various characteristics and production of three typical agricultural products from our region which are highly valued throughout the world. In addition, students will determine which factors influence the quality of the products by conducting laboratory experiments.

In the fourth module, students will carry out a sensory evaluation of agricultural products recognized with an official “seal of quality”.

Academic program

Module 1: Characteristics and Manufacturing of Dairy Products Coming from the Milk of Small Ruminants

Module 2: Characteristics and Factors that Affect the Quality of Meat

Module 3: Characteristics and Factors that Affect the Quality of Wine

Module 4: Sensory Evaluation of Agricultural Products Recognized by a Seal of Quality

Cultural program

The course includes an extensive cultural program that allows the student to get to know the main attractions of Castilla-La Mancha and to reinforce the theory discussed in the Academic Program.

In addition, students will visit places related to the typical cuisine of the region such as a visit to various wineries.